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Mosaic Groups and Types

Mosaic Groups and Types

The table below shows the breakdown of the Mosaic Groups and Types using the Mosaic 7 classification. Further details of each Group and Type can be found via the Experian Segmentation Portal. To find out more please contact the Public Health team

Group Description Type Description

City Prosperity

A01 World Class Wealth
A02 Uptown Elite
A03 Penthouse Chics
A04 Metro High-Flyers

Prestige Positions

B05 Premium Fortunes
B06 Diamond Days
B07 Alpha Families
B08 Bank of Mum and Dad
B09 Empty Nest Adventurers

Country Living

C10 Wealthy Landowners
C11 Rural Vogue
C12 Scattered Homesteads
C13 Village Retirement
D Rural Reality D14

Satellite Settlers

D15 Local Focus
D16 Outlying Seniors
D17 Far-Flung Outposts

Senior Security

E18 Legacy Elders
E19 Bungalow Haven
E20 Classic Grandparents
E21 Solo Retirees

Suburban Stability


Boomerang Boarders

F23 Family Ties
F24 Fledgling Free
F25 Dependable Me
G Domestic Success G26 Cafes and Catchments
G27 Thriving Independence
G28 Modern Parents
G29 Mid-Career Convention

Aspiring Homemakers

H30 Primary Ambitions
H31 Affordable Fringe
H32 First-Rung Futures
H33 Contemporary Starts
H34 New Foundations
H35 Flying Solo

Family Basics

I36 Solid Economy
I37 Budget Generations
I38 Economical Families
I39 Families on a Budget

Transient Renters

J40 Value Rentals
J41 Youthful Endeavours
J42 Mid-Life Renters
J43 Renting Rooms
K Municipal Tenants K44 Inner City Stalwarts
K45 City Diversity

K46 High Rise Rentners
K47 Single Essentials
K48 Mature Workers

Vintage Value

L49 Flatlet Seniors
L50 Pocket Pensions
L51 Retirement Communities
L52 Estate Veterans
L53 Seasoned Survivors

Modest Traditions

M54 Down-to-Earth Owners
M55 Back with the Folks
M56 Self Supporters

Urban Cohesion

N57 Community Elders
N58 Culture and Comfort
N59 Large Family Living
N60 Ageing Access
O Rental Hubs O61 Career Builders


Central Pulse
O63 Flexible Workforce
O64 Bus-Route Renters
O65 Learners and Earners
O66 Student Scene