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We have produced a profile to cover the whole of Nottinghamshire including population, economy, crime and education overviews.

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Integrated Care Systems (ICS)


We have developed a storymap explaining the Nottinghamshire and Nottingham ICS and the geographical area it covers. This storymap also outlines how Bassetlaw sits within the South Yorkshire and Bassettlaw ICS’

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Neighbourhoods / Primary Care Networks


Primary Care Networks (PCNs) were set up across England from 1st July 2019. PCNs will be responsible for delivering joined-up health and social care services through multi-professional teams to patients in the community.

Newly formed Nottinghamshire PCNs were keen to have information on the health, wellbeing and care needs of their respective populations.  Therefore, Nottinghamshire County Council’s Public Health department has led the production of PCN Health and Care Profiles.

A total of 25 PCN Health and Care profiles have been produced for the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS) and 3 for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS (Bassetlaw Integrated Care Partnership).

PCN Health and Care Profiles for Nottingham City can be found on Nottingham Insight.

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